Info about Nutrition.

I’ve realized that the stuff I talk about is only about workout routines and exercises. However, working out is only half the work. One cannot make gains in the gym if he or she is not eating right in the kitchen. If I wanted to get more lean and I spent hours at the gym each week, that wouldn’t count for anything if I was still eating burritos and fried chicken every night.

I could really sit in my chair and talk hours about the topic of nutrition, but for both our sakes I’ll just give you a few links of some real bloggers out there that talk about nutrition. You know, now that I think about it I may just talk about nutrition in my next blog. I know, how original right, but hey, no one is going to stop me, right?

I found a really cool blog titled Sodium Girl. Don’t be fooled by the title, this blog isn’t just for girls. The creator of the blog gives many recipes and tips for creating fantastic meals with low sodium. This blog contains great information for anyone who wants to just slim down by just cutting down on the salt.

Another site that you should visit for great information regarding nutrition is on the Men’sHealthNews site. Once again, don’t be deterred just because the title of the site regards men and not women. Men’sHealth provides great information for both genders, and men and women of all ages.

I wish I could provide you some of this information from me, but for the time being you can just visit those sites that I’ve made available to you.

Who knows, my next blog may be all about food and nutrition! Cross your fingers.


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