Going above and beyond!

Welcome back everyone!

I had an epiphany today and noticed that people tend to workout a lot hard when someone else is telling them what to do. Haven’t you noticed that you tend to push just a little bit harder when you’re working out with someone? Now why is that?

This is why I think most of us workout harder with someone else:

  • You want to impress the person you’re working out with.
  • You want to show-up the person you’re working out with. (my number one reason)
  • You want to grab the attention of that guy or girl working out in the same gym as you.
  • You want to prove to yourself that you CAN DO IT!

I, and I hope most of you, like being pushed towards the right direction when it comes to physical health and strength.

You're going to like 1000 push-ups because I say so.

You’re going to like 1000 push-ups because I say so.

Whatever your reasons may be, there’s nothing wrong with working out with someone else. But what if you can’t find someone to workout with you, or what if your workout partner can’t go to? Then what?

I have the solution right here! I will be developing an app for your mobil phone and tablet in the near future to give you ideas for your “quick but effective” workouts before classes and shifts at work.

If you ever find yourself with a few minutes to spare but don’t know what exercise to do then just open up the app. It will then ask you which muscle and or muscles you want to exercise. Then the app will randomly give you an exercise to perform.

Some of the muscles, but not limited to the list below, that are available to pick from are:

  • Biceps and triceps (arms)
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Core
Choose Your Weapon!

Choose Your Weapon


Get your pump on!

Get your pump on!













Now I’m not going to be there screaming in your face until you knock out every repetition in that set, but I will be there to motivate you and encourage you take advantage of your time!

Every now and then we like to hear other peoples tips and opinions, and that’s what the app is going to be – It’s going to allow you to get a second opinion on how you should take advantage of your time.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get this app up and running soon, but until then , stick with your productive “time clinching” workouts.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” Norman Vincent Peale


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